he U.S. Bank Per Diem Card is a Visa-branded reloadable prepaid debit card that is a great alternative to traditional corporate credit cards and is a cost-effective way to easily manage per diem or stipend payments. The Per Diem Card may be used by businesses or colleges and universities to distribute funds for various programs or to conduct day-to-day business transactions.


There are two types of Per Diem Cards available:

Standard Per Diem Card

Allows only cardholder point-of-sale,signature or PIN transactions

Elite Per Diem Card

Includes cardholder point-of-sale, signature or PIN transactions, ATM withdrawals, teller withdrawals and cash back with purchases

Note: the type of card received will be determined by the business or college/university.


Funds will initially be loaded into a virtual master account via standard ACH and then transferred to individual cards. Cards can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and each purchase is subtracted from the available balance on the cards.